Do you want to watch ITV1, ITV2, ITV3 & ITV4 abroad? Learn how to access the best of UK TV abroad using ITV Player on PC, Mac, iPhone & iPad

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Are you one of the many British citizens who travels often or lives abroad and misses watching UK TV? No matter how hard you try, getting access to all your favourite shows from back home isn't always possible.

You can't rely on using websites like ITVHub to watch your favourite live and on-demand programming because access to any UK-only based entertainment on ITV Hub is blocked if you are accessing it from outside the UK. So it is a fruitless exercise trying to access UK based content abroad and put simply, any attempts will leave you very disappointed.

Even if your time abroad is for a short vacation, waiting until you returned home to watch the shows you missed isn't the answer either. Are you really going to remember which shows to watch on your return? Even worse, will they still be available to watch when the time comes? Many shows on ITV Hub expire after a brief period of time so this is never a reliable solution. So what can be done?

The solution to your UK TV entertainment problem is in actual fact very simple.

When you go abroad, the IP address of your PC, Mac, iPhone or iPad will be detected as being located outside the UK. But if I told you that a small, easy to install software application could change all that and make your device appear to be as though you were back home in the UK, you'd be interested right? Well, that's exactly what's on offer from the team at UKTV2C.

Access ITV Player via our exclusive SmartDNS VPN app

UKTV2C have developed a simple, effective and totally reliable UK based VPN service that is cost-effective and works anywhere in the world. So now you can watch UK TV abroad using practically any device, just as long as you have a good speed of internet broadband connection.

This tiny download takes a few moments to install and by simply launching your internet browser, you'll be watching all your favourite content on ITV Hub, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

This software is ideal for anyone who lives abroad, travels for work or pleasure to foreign shores or just wants to get access to UK only content. So now that we have shown you just how easy it is to get access to ITV Hub abroad, no doubt you'll be wanting to get your hands on our UK VPN right? Absolutely! So hit the button below to get started...

Our VPN works on all well-known UK based TV websites including BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All4, and Demand Five - so one package unlocks an entire world of UK TV entertainment!

Watch UK TV abroad

Whether you want to watch terrestrial tv or premium satellite TV, we have a package to give you the best coverage, offering over 50 UK TV channels of live and on-demand streaming via super-stable SmartDNS technology.

BBC iPlayer ITV Hub All4 Demand 5

Within minutes of setting up your service, you can be watching the best in UK TV by accessing all of the well-known providers shown above.

Join now for instant access to UK TV abroad.

How It Works

Our Smart DNS is an innovative method to access geographically restricted websites like BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All4 and Demand 5 as well as services such as Hulu and Netflix right from your location without any major changes in your device settings.

Using our SmartDNS VPN, you get granted access to websites that restrict digital media content availability by region, by acting as an intermediary between the client and the service. This is accomplished by obscuring the IP address of your device that is often used to verify your location.

Still have questions?

Visit our FAQs page to answer common questions on how our VPN software works and how you can access UK TV services abroad.

We understand that the software we use can seem quite technical. After a few moments on our FAQs page, we're sure you'll realise that it's very simple to install and set-up on any chosen device.

Available Channels

      BBC 1  BBC 2  BBC 3  BBC 4  BBC News  ITV  ITV 2  ITV 3  ITV 4  ITVBe  ITVBe  Channel 4  E4  Channel 5  See all channels     

Our SmartDNS start from as little as £3.99 a month.

Offering over 50 channels of live and on-demand UK TV online, there's simply no package better than ours anywhere. To find out what UK satellite and UK terrestrial TV channels you can start watching online and abroad, visit our full UK TV channels page.