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What is a SmartDNS VPN?

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Ok. This may start to get a bit technical so it might hurt your head. You have been warned but here goes...

A virtual private network (VPN) is a network that uses telecommunication infrastructurea such as the Internet, to provide remote offices or travelling users access to an internal organizational network.

VPNs typically require remote users of the network to be authenticated via a username and password, and often secure data with encryption technologies (such as an SSL certificate) to prevent disclosure of private information to unauthorized parties.

VPNs may serve any network functionality that is found on any network, such as sharing of data and access to network resources, printers, databases, websites, etc.

A VPN user typically experiences the central network in a manner that is identical to being connected directly to the central network. VPN technology via the public Internet has replaced the need to requisition and maintain expensive dedicated leased-line telecommunication circuits once typical in wide-area network installations.
(Paraphrased from Wikipedia)

So did that make any sense to you? We thought not. Here's a laymans version instead...

A VPN is a set of computers all happily connected and communicating together within a private and secure environment. There are literally millions of VPNs all around the world, mostly owned and operated by companies, corporations and a few nerdy types who like that sort of thing!

In our case, our VPN is based in a data centre in the north of England. As our VPN is based in the UK, it acts like a gateway so when you decide to connect to our VPN and surf the net, your computer appears to be part of our UK-based network. As this "appearance" is important for accessing UK TV websites like the Beeb, ITV, Channel 4 and Five, it means you can watch the free telly they offer.

Without our UK based VPN, you're a bit stumped as these sites will simply block you. So, if you want to catch up on Eastenders or Corrie, you're best bet is to join our VPN. It's a piece of cake once you know how.

Trust us, it's not that technical once our nice chaps at UKTV2C explain it all to you.

Watch UK TV abroad

Whether you want to watch terrestrial tv or premium satellite TV, we have a package to give you the best coverage, offering over 50 UK TV channels of live and on-demand streaming via super-stable SmartDNS technology.

BBC iPlayer ITV Hub All4 Demand 5

Within minutes of setting up your service, you can be watching the best in UK TV by accessing all of the well-known providers shown above.

Join now for instant access to UK TV abroad.

How It Works

Our Smart DNS is an innovative method to access geographically restricted websites like BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All4 and Demand 5 as well as services such as Hulu and Netflix right from your location without any major changes in your device settings.

Using our SmartDNS VPN, you get granted access to websites that restrict digital media content availability by region, by acting as an intermediary between the client and the service. This is accomplished by obscuring the IP address of your device that is often used to verify your location.

Still have questions?

Visit our FAQs page to answer common questions on how our VPN software works and how you can access UK TV services abroad.

We understand that the software we use can seem quite technical. After a few moments on our FAQs page, we're sure you'll realise that it's very simple to install and set-up on any chosen device.

Available Channels

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Our SmartDNS start from as little as £3.99 a month.

Offering over 50 channels of live and on-demand UK TV online, there's simply no package better than ours anywhere. To find out what UK satellite and UK terrestrial TV channels you can start watching online and abroad, visit our full UK TV channels page.